NZRA Contacts

President - Evan More

027 482 1085

Education - Gerry Munden

027 493 2766

Treasure -  Joy-Marie Radovan 


Central, Wellington and South Island groups

NZRA is keen to assist groups thrive out of Auckland.  Setting up a low power group launches in a local park can be done with council permission. For low power the only equipment you need is a sawhorse with welding rods, metal plates, 12 v battery, cable,clips and launch switch/button. The key is finding 6 or more people who are passionate about rocketry and prepared to setup a group, run rocket building for Scouts and Guides, assist local teachers to run classes etc.  This exposes kids and adults to rocket science. Once your low power launches have increased in size and many people have been exposed to education then you will have a few people that want to move into high power rocketry. With sufficient numbers you can find a farm with a rocketry friendly farmer that's clear of power lines and has a minimum of trees and water hazards to conduct launches. We have members who will help coach the leaders of your group and provide ideas for promotion and funding. With the right location, support and training we can assist you in running launches under the NZRA.

If you join NZRA we can put you in touch with members in your local area that are looking to create a group.