Target Altitude Competition

Contest Director: TBA

Contest Goal:  1,600ft

Target Altitude Event Rules

1. A team may consist of one to any number of individuals.

2. Any rocket may be used as long as it complies with these rules.

3. Rockets may be modified as long as mods approved by RSO.

4. May be single deploy, dual deploy using commercial altimeter or deploy using jolly logic chute release.

5. Parachutes and streamers are permitted.  

6. Tumbling to ground is not permitted.

7. The vehicle must carry a commercial altimeter. 

8. The vehicle must safely recover and be in condition to be flown again. 

9. Attempt is based on a single flight only. Must be notified as such on the flight card and advised to the RSO and announcer.

10. The team with the closest altitude to the specified target altitude wins.

11. In the event of two teams with the same altitude the team using the lowest impulse motor wins.

12. In the event of further tie the result is recorded as a tie.

13. NZRA flight card must be provided to the contest director before the flight.

Common Rules for All Events

Item Rule

Launch Systems

Launch pads will be provided by NZRA and have six foot long 1 inch (1010) aluminum rails. 8 foot 1.5 inch (1515) aluminum rails will be provided. The rails are to be vertical. They cannot be angled at all. 


A team will be disqualified for any of the following reasons:

1. Recovery system does not deploy and the rocket free falls or comes in ballistic.

2. One or more parts of the rocket free fall from the rest of the rocket.

3. Rocket motor separates from the rocket during any part of flight.

4. Rocket is damaged beyond field repair after flight.

5. Team acts in a dangerous manner.

6. Team misbehaves and or interferes with other team’s progress.

7. Team does not launch before the end of flying.

8. Team attempts an unsafe recovery. An unsafe recovery is defined as attempting to remove any part of a rocket out of power lines or trees that require climbing. Rockets can be pulled out of trees or other vegetation if the team member can reach any part while standing on the ground.

9. Team argues with contest director