Frequently Asked Questions

How to get here. Fly into Auckland International Airport, New Zealand. Hire a car or campervan and drive 70 minutes to the launch site at Kneebone Road, Orini, Waikato.  Take note if you are crossing the International Date Line you will either gain or lose a day so check the day of arrival on the flight into Auckland. The closest local airport for domestic flights to other parts of New Zealand is Hamilton airport. 

The event runs from Friday 7th February 10am to Sunday 9th 5pm with overnight on site camping available.  No electricity or water connections available. Toilets provided. 

Sun Protection. Our sun is much hotter than a lot of places on earth due to less dust and pollution in the air.  Temperatures will be between 16 degrees at night to 22-30 during the day. You can burn within 15 minutes unprotected so high SPF sun-cream is essential even on partially cloudy days. The UV index often exceeds 11 which indicates extreme UV levels. 

Driving New Zealanders drive on the left hand side of the road the same as UK and Japan.  The open road speed limit is 100km except on some expressways where it is 110kph. On the outskirts of towns the speed limit can switch between 50 and 70 so keep alert for speed signs.  

Nearest supermarket, accommodation, fuel and liquor store (s) are at Huntly 19 minutes drive from the launch site. Hamilton city is 36 minutes drive away.

Electricity is 240 volts AC, 50 hertz the same as Australia. Check your powerpack as most are universal (110-240 volts, 50-60hz). If not then plugging in a 110 volt USA powerpack or charger will destroy it. If you have a 110-240 powerpack then converter plugs from USA 2 pin to the NZ flat 3 pin plug (same as Australia)  are available at most supermarkets. 

Emergency Services, dial 111.

Mobile Phones. Good connectivity to Spark and Vodafone on site but Spark has better coverage if you are planning to do a tour. Check your phone compatibility here

Pets. No pets on site please. This is a working farm.

Time Zone. Check the time difference to your home country here  

Paying. Credit Card and Eftpos are available most places. Carry a bit of cash for any cafes and small shops that don’t cater for credit cards and pay wave.

Tipping. Not expected in New Zealand but appreciated for exceptional service at top cafes, restaurants and hotels.  

Water. Bottled water will be available to purchase on site.  

Wildlife. Cows can be dangerous.  Please do not enter a field with cows without the farmers permission. 

Paddocks. Please take great care with the farmers paddocks. Take the access tracks around the paddocks where possible and then carefully cross the paddock minimising damage to crops. If you have to enter a maize field then carefully part the maze without damaging it. We have sensitive neighbours.

Weather. February is the driest month of the year. It's rare to have more than one wet day in a row at this time of the year.