High Power Rocketry

High Power Rockets

High power rockets start at G size motors. In New Zealand the largest motors currently flown are O. Each increase in letter doubles the power. 

Larger rockets are heavy and subjected to huge forces travelling faster than the sound barrier. Considerable planning, preparation and attention to detail is required for a successful launch. Our moto is "Failure is not an Option" but inevitability failure will be an important step in the learning process.

There are hundreds of rockets to choose from online or you can build from scratch. The 29mm rocket on the left was built by a student and holds the G class record at 5,225 Feet.

Level 1 and 2 Certification High Power Kits

Alan's Estes De-Red Max

Level 1-2 Rocket

Level 3 Certification High Power Airframe Only Kits

Frenzy Massive 18,034ft on N2000 at Thunda 2015, L3

Craig's PML Sudden Rush Dual deploy CPR Kit, J800 to 7,907ft

James Level 1 LOC V2 G motor