Feature Flights

A full scale replica Nike Smoke sounding rocket (with some license taken on the paint scheme), standing over 6.5 meters (21' 4") tall,  470mm (18.5") in diameter and 150kg (330lb) at liftoff. 

The build features lightweight composite construction, and will be powered by an 8"/200mm diameter "P" class motor with a new, never seen before special effects propellant developed by Van Tiel Pyrotechnics.  

Build Team: Ethan Kosoof, Dr. Martin Van Tiel, Chris North, Kim & Kelvin McVinnie.

The Nike's flight is being made possible through the generous support of the team at Logic Wireless



Marsden is over 4 meters long and has flown on M and N motors at NZRA events for a number of years. It's featured on news reports and was built by Jack Davies and named after the school he was attending at the time, Marsden Collage.

Any of the photos on this page with dots below them have a carousel of photos you can click through. 

Big Red Video

Purple Goanna

Scratch-built 10" fibreglass airframe 2,320mm tall (7ft 7")

Fibreglass skinned balsa-core fins and bulkheads

Carbon fibre fin reinforcement 98mm CTI M795

28kg Gross Liftoff Weight. Static margin 1.14

25 second flight to 9,000ft- 12 seconds thrust, 13 seconds coast

Dual-deploy yellow Rocketman 5ft ProXP drogue at apogee, red and blue Rocketman Standard 18ft main chute at 1,000ft

Altus Metrum TeleMega 3 primary flight computer, Telemini backup flight computer

Live flight telemetry on 436.600MHz, Callsign NZRAKM-6, 38400baud

Should be a real crowd-pleaser with a long burn and slow majestic flight.


Evan's carbon Buckyball has flown at a number of events in Australia and New Zealand. 

Massive Attack

Craig's Massive Attack will fly on a 3 grain 98mm 'M' sparky motor.  Craig flew his Mad Cow Frenzy Massive to 18k on a N2000 motor at Thunda Down Under but will be looking at staying under the 9,500ft standard waiver for this launch. 

Middle Earth

Kim flew her level 1-2-3 on Middle Earth on consecutive days at Thunda Down Under 2019. For Havoc she will be flying on a K456DM to keep below the 9,500 waiver.  Kim heavily modified a 3" diameter kitset with 75mm motor mount, building it light enough to fly on an I motor for level 1 through to a M motor for level 3.

Evil Genius

Michael's Widman Extreme is 100mm, 2.4 meters with 75mm motor mount. Dual Deployment. It will be flying at Havoc on an M1350. YouTube Video of the last launch to over 12,000ft,  https://youtu.be/X5Y2d9akzNs 

Alex's 3 meter Frenzy Massive will fly on an 'M' motor

Frenzy Massive

Heading for 18,000ft on an N2000 at Thunda 2015

Onboard Camera

Slow motion Rocketman Chute Deployment

'Sponsor a Rocket Launch' Opportunity for a Visitor

Olliver's Frenzy XL Dark Knight has flown twice to 11,500 ft on 'M' motors but he can't afford a motor for Havoc and is offering visitors the opportunity to purchase a suitable motor and put a banner on the side of the rocket to promote their business or cause. There will be opportunities to have photos taken with the rocket on the launch pad and press the launch button to initiate its launch. NZRA members Olliver and Alex would take the visitor through the preparation process and be responsible for the flight. Due to the 9,500ft waiver the motor would need to be a large 'K' or 'L' designation.  The rocket is currently black so the sticker/ logo would need to be a light colour. Further information via the button below. 

Frenzy XL to 11,480ft on CTI M1230

Olliver's Mad Cow Frenzy XL on a CTI M1230 motor to 10,480ft

Olliver's Mad Cow Frenzy XL Build