Member Events

The Rockets NZ Google Calendar lists Member Events 

Launches are published in the NZRA google calendar. By the Friday evening before a calendar launch date we will have attempted to obtain CAA and farmer clearance to fly and will send an email to all members regarding the launch status. After this advice there will be no further updates unless the weather deteriorates in which case check your emails after 8am on the Sunday for cancellations. If it's raining in Auckland and there is no email cancellation then it's ok at Taupiri. 

Your friends and family can attend a launch under your supervision.  Visitors who wish to attend can email a request via the contacts page on this website. 

Note: This calendar requires you to be logged into Google using the email address registered with NZ Rocketry. If you want to use a different google login for access to the members website and calendar email Alex via the contact page on this website.