Flyer Information


Flyers need to be members of a rocketry club in their home country and hold the relevant AMRS, Tripoli, NAR or equivalent certifications which will be recognized by the NZRA at Havoc in the Paddock.  

AMRS members are welcome to certify level 1 and level 2 at Havoc under NZRA rules and this will be recognized with AMRS due to the reciprocal agreement.  Level 3 will require the support of their ACE as per the standard process.  

Certifications flights for other organisations such as NAR, TRA, will not be possible at Havoc.  

High Altitude Flights

The standing waiver for the NZRA's Orini launch site is 9,500ft AMSL.  Flights above this altitude are possible, but are approved on a case by case basis, and approval may only be received for one or two high altitude windows per day (Up to 45,000ft).  

Application Procedure for flights above 9,500ft

The payment confirmation page has a button for the high altitude application form. Your application will be reviewed by the NZRA and the relevant authorities.  There is no guarantee of approval.  

There may be additional constraints placed on your launch, such as an upper wind limit, specific launch time, etc.  You are also required to record the landing location and submit this to the NZRA as part of the post flight report.  


Last year we had 6 x 1/4 Patriots with 

potentially 12 this year.

L2 Drag Race

L2 Drag Race


Aerospace Education

Aerospace Education will be on site with consumables and limited motors available for registered fliers

Ejection Charges & Motor Igniters

Van Tiel Pyrotechnics will have the following available on site for registered fliers: