Rocket Photography

Capturing photographs of rockets in flight provides a unique challenge. We welcome photographers to our launches as we are always looking for photos the that capture the action and excitement of amateur rocketry. Please post photos on our Facebook Page or create your own rocketry album on Flickr or Google that we can share as photographers have done below.

Rocco runs a full frame high speed Sony Camera and lenses capturing exceptional launch photos

Dave runs a full frame Canon camera and lenses and does a remarkable job capturing rockets in flight. In this image taken when a group of NZRA members attended Thunda Down Under in Australia Dave captured a rocket flying at close to Mach 2 shredding it's fins at thousands of feet above ground level.

Paul is a professional photographer who's photographs of the first Nike launch were published in the press.

NZRA Gallery

Some favorite NZRA member photos

NZRA Facebook Group Photos

NZRA Member Photos Posted on Facebook.

International Photos, Steve Jurvetson Rockets

Steve takes excellent photos and videos of his rocket launches. His TED video is also on this link.