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NZRA members have one thing in common. They love rocket launches !

With the advent of Rocket Lab launching satellites into space from New Zealand we have seen a surge of interest from Kiwis keen to learn more about rocketry and educators wanting to inspire a new generation of students into maths, science and engineering.

What ever your interest in rocketry we are keen to help you in your journey. Visit our FACEBOOK group for the latest news.

Next Public Event

National Launch Day February 3rd 2019

National Launch Day brings rocket enthusiasts together from all over the country to fly their latest creations. The event is open to the public annually on the first Sunday in February, weather permitting, for a small entry fee. Hundreds of people attend our launch site near Taupiri open between mid-day and 4pm. Taupiri is 1 hour 15 minutes from Auckland. Kids and adults can build and fly a 'have a go rocket' on the day. Event details and pre-purchased tickets are available at EventFinder Tickets here....

More National Launch Day here ...

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Educational Opportunities

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4 Motor Monster


Jack's Marsden

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Emily's Pink Thing

Rocket Art


Evan's Carbon Bucky Ball

Craig's Dark Matter Frenzy

Joy's Pink Thing

Peter's Remote Control Rocket Glider

NZRA Videos

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Craig's Big Red


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