The Nike Returns for Flight 2 at National Launch Day 2021! 

After the shambles of the year that was 2020, we've decided that what we all need is another Nike flight help consign 2020 to history.  Also, we may or may not have promised that we would be back, "bigger and better", on National here we go.  Again.   

The Project

“The Nike” is a full scale replica of the famous NASA Nike Smoke sounding rocket from the 1960’s, built by a few over-zealous members of the NZRA with sponsorship from Logic Wireless, for the inaugural “Havoc in the Paddock” International launch in 2020.  

It's maiden flight was on a P11,000 Purple Sparky on February 9th, 2020 and was successful, with some minor damage.  For details on the project and it's initial construction and maiden flight, check out the pages below: 

Build Page 

Facebook Page 

Media Coverage 

For 2021, we're keeping our promise and going bigger on the power plant.  This time, the Nike will feature a much larger "Q" class propellant motor for propulsion, unlike anything ever seen before in New Zealand.  In preparation, we've got a few tasks to complete: 

The Rocket 

The Team

Same culprits again unfortunately! 

Ethan Kosoof - Motor design, fin repair and reinforcement, general over thinking

Dr. Martin Van Tiel - Propellant formulation extraordinaire, chief gin consumer and supplier of some weird tangerine things that go well with gin but are definitely chemically enhanced.... 

Debbie Van Tiel - Chief herder of cats, Martin's whip and along with Kim, the voice of reason when the men get side-tracked 

Chris North - Master of motor hardware, machining and upgrades to the launch pad to make it somewhat less heart attack inducing 

Kelvin McVinnie - Responsible for the constant supply of gin and gin-inspired design ideas (again), fin refinishing, and parachute modifications so we (hopefully) land in one piece this time.  

Kim McVinnie  - All of the above, except probably better at it, as well as completing another epic paint job.  


If you want to keep track of how things are progressing, keep an eye on the page below.  Or if you're more social-media savvy, you can check out the Facebook page: 

The Nike Facebook Page 


The Nike and it's maiden flight were made possible with the generous support of Logic Wireless

Update -8/12/20

Long time in between updates but we've been working hard (well the McVinnies have, at least).  After a month of hard slog the fincan has been filled, faired and repainted, and the Nike has been returned to her former glory! 

Reinforcement filled and faired


All done 

Update - 28/10/20

The Nike prep has begun in earnest - after a long winter of hibernation, the damaged fin was cleaned up, bonded back on and all four fin bays have been reinforced with 6 layers of vacuum bagged carbon.  Now it's back to the McVinnie's place for a new paint job.  

Getting some love on those long, cold lonely nights

Carbon being added

Hitting the road!