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National Launch Day Videos

Drone Video, Connor King, Feb 2019

National Launch 2014

A compilation video from the NZRA's 2014 Rocket National Launch Day at Taupiri, Waikato on 2 Feb 14. It highlights about 20 rocket launches throughout the day with video capture from the ground and the air including stills, HD and super slow-motion. The video was edited by Tony Davies. Best watched in 1080p with sound on.

National Launch Movie 2012

Big Red' at the National Launch Day hosted by the NZRA - New Zealand Rocketry Association. Reaching just over 13,000ft, Craig Packards 'Big Red' flew its second and final flight.

Video by Arthur Gay

National Launch 2017

Nos Hybrid, Ollivers level 3, Marsden's Parachute and Launch, Arthur Alan Thomas Award

Marsden Rocket Onboard Video

Maiden Flight of Marsden Rocket at NZRA National Launch Day in Taupiri on 9 Feb 2015 with a GoPro Camera. Rocket was flown on an Aerotech N2000W by Tony and Jack Davies

Marsden Launch N1560

5th launch of the Marsden Rocket. powered by CTI N1560 (PRO98-6GXL) Marsden + NZRA Trailer Launcher built by Chris North

National Launch Day 2012

Big Red onboard camera plus pad cam and slow motion footage.

Frenzy Massive

Onboard Camera

National Launch 2014

Compilation of photos and video. Jim's Two Stage Launch

Rocket Lab Launches Satellites into Space from New Zealand

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