Shipping & Transporting Rockets

Travelling with Rockets

The lowest cost method of transporting a rocket by air is by purchasing an extra bag with your ticket. You can fit a rocket like a 4" 1/4 Patriot into a large suit case. Fins are sharp and can wear their way through a suit case with movement and vibration so cover them with cardboard. I used a plastic bucket in the picture taken here of my single bag before packing clothing. If every rocketry part you carry is meticulously cleaned before travel and free from black powder and motor residue then you should have no issues with customs. Obviously you must not bring even the smallest amount of black powder or propellant on an Aeroplane.  

For larger rockets you can use sports equipment and ski bags to transport rockets as excess baggage. Check with your airline for excess baggage maximum sizes and costs.

Make sure that your equipment is meticulously cleaned for the return journey and hand a local flier that half empty vile of black powder you used on the last day and dropped in your toolbox (I took .5 grams by mistake and was lucky at customs!) 

Shipping Rockets

Rockets that are larger than allowed as excess baggage need to be shipped via a freight company.  Make up a box that will just fit all of your equipment using large appliance boxes and contact adhesive. Use packaging straps for extra strength. Contact a freight company with the weight and dimensions of your box. Ask them to organise the temporary import of fibreglass, fabric and electronics hobby equipment.

Gerry Munden the owner of Aerospace Education is also a customs agent and is familiar with clearing goods through New Zealand Customs

Contact Gerry regarding importing rockets