Rocketry Supplies

Aerospace Education is the local agent for Aerotech motors, Public Missiles, Madcow and many other brands.  The owner Gerry Munden lives in Auckland and will be onsite during the event. Gerry has stock of parts and motors but these will need to be replenished before Havoc in the Paddock so it's important to order your requirements ASAP. Dangerous goods shipping to New Zealand can take months. Not all products are listed on the Aerospace site so contact Gerry with your requirements via the button below.  

Deadline for motor orders 25th September

H to L motors. Orders need to be placed no later than 25 September.

M to O motors - Waiting for clarification on the latest licensing issues / timelines for motors of this size requiring a territorial export licence.

Havoc Motor Order list on Google docs here. Email to Aerospace Eduction using the button above. 

Aerotech Consumer Aerospace

Aerospace Education are the local agents for Aerotech rocket motors. 

Established in 1982, Aerotech supplies motors, kits and components for mid and high power rocketry.

They specialize in APCP mid and high power rocket motors.  Aerotech produces single use and reloadable motors from D to L impulse and high power rocket motor reloads, ranging from H to O impulse.

Cessaroni Motors

Australian Rocketry import Cesaroni motors into New Zealand. 

We understand that only existing stocks at Australian Rocketry will be available for Havoc in the Paddock