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New Zealand Public Events

National Launch Day entertaining and educating since 2001

Experience the sight and sound of New Zealand's largest amateur rockets accelerating from zero to hundreds of kilometers an hour in a few seconds. Watch rockets propelled skywards on a massive flame with the same signature crackle and roar as full-size rockets.

The massive 190kg Nike will be flying. Check out The Nike Page Here

This annual public launch event attracts hundreds of visitors to a great family day out. 

Taupiri Launch Site

All official launchings of the Auckland branch of the NZRA take place from the Taupiri Launch Site on the farm of Arthur Allan Thomas.  You will be notified of all launchings if you SIGN UP or become a REGISTERED MEMBER. Come and join us reach for the sky!

From Auckland: Take the motorway south and continue on past Meremere and the Rangiriri Tavern until you reach the turnoff at Tahuna Rd and go left. Continue a fairly long way down Tahuna Rd, making a right turn at Rutherford Rd and continue along Rutherford Rd, turning left into Kneebone Rd. About 1km down Kneebone and you are there at Mission Control! Travel time is about 1hr from Auckland, and 40 minutes from Hamilton.

From Hamilton:  Take the Gordonton turnoff from SH1 at Taupiri. Hang a left turn at Orini Rd and go down to Rutherford. Left on Rutherford and right on Kneebone and your are there at the launch site a little ways down the road!

Taupiri Weather

Havoc in the Paddock

Check out our International launch three day event run in 2020 from 7th to the 9th February. 

Australian Public Events

Thunda Down Under 2019

Thunda Down Under is the the biggest rocketry event in the sourthern hemisphere.

Launching from Outback Queensland, approx 4½ hours west of Brisbane, Australian Rocketry’s Thunda Down Under is held every four years with the next one being April 2023.