Advanced Rocketry

Advanced Rocketry

Custom built rocket projects are the ultimate challenge in rocketry.

Taking an idea, turning it into a design, refining every detail to create a large or record beating rockets is nothing less than rocket science.  Once it lifts off the pad it's the planning and preparation that counts as you have no control until it land safely under parachute. Scratch built rockets are typically constructed from fiberglass and carbon fiber to handle the high stresses of flights that can be multiple times the speed of sound. Airframes are built on mandrills which for a minimum diameter rocket can be a close fit to the motor casing.  Fiberglass or Carbon fibre nosecones can be built using male or female molds with the simplest method being a high density foam mold turned on a lathe. Current projects including Kelvin's 3d printed mold under construction (photos below)

Current Builds as at Oct 2018

Kelvins 10 " Diameter Level 3 Rocket

Kelvin's 10" airframe fibreglass rocket 

CAD Nose cone Design

Kelvin's 3d printed Nose cone Mould took days to print.

Balsa core glassed fins 

Chris & Ethan Two Stage

Carbon Booster

Nose cone

Interstage Coupler

Grinding Foils Video

Previous Projects

Craig's Big Red

2011 Fiberglass air-frame glassed plywood fins, 1 98mm and 4 X 54mm motor tubes. Three staged cluster 1xN2000W, 2xK700W,2xK700W. Clusstered O impulse record (22.391ns) 

Jim's H Record

Innovative design with the fins at the top of the motor tube and wooden nose cone.

Phil's Sugar Rush

Phil's two stage aluminium and fiberglass rocket achieved 40,736ft which was a world record for a sugar powered rocket at the time.

Jack Davies - Marsden Rocket - over 4 meters tall 

10" Fiberglass Airframes

Carbon/Kevlar covered fins

Carbon/Kevlar covered fins

Foam nose cone on the lathe

2 Stage Rockets

Jack's Two Stage

Jack Davies Chain Reaction

Jim's Two Stage

Evan's Haunebu II

Sean's Phoenix Hybrid (M)

Business End

Nitros Oxide