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Please check this page page for weather updates and cancellations before travelling to the launch.

National Launch Day February 3rd 2019

National Launch Day brings rocket enthusiasts together from all over the country to fly their latest creations. The event is open to the public annually on the first Sunday in February, weather permitting, for a small entry. Hundreds of people attend our launch site near Taupiri open between mid-day and 4pm. Taupiri is 1 hour 15 minutes from Auckland. Kids and adults can build and fly a 'have a go rocket' on the day. Event details and pre-purchased tickets are available at EventFinder Tickets here....

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National Launch Day 2014 Report

National Launch Day 2014 Report

On 2 February, the weather was great and the crowd was huge. Certainly the biggest crowd in recent history with 577 in attendance. And what a day it was with some spectacular launches and a few not so spectacular mishaps! Dozens of have-a-go rockets were made and launched by the kids and nearly all were very successful. Evan and Joy’s Spotted Pink Creature once again successfully graced the skies (see images below with its mysterious yellow afterglow). Some of the highlights: Alex flew a Mad Cow kit called Frenzy Massive to 6,178 ft on a 3.8 sec burn of a L1500. It required a 17ft chute to bring it gently back to Earth. Gary flew a PML Tethys on a H123, rising just over 400 m with perfect chute deploy at apogee and landing just a few metres from the launch site! Jim successfully demonstrated a two-stage rocket burn with his spectacular looking scratch built Firefly with a combination of K828FJ and J825R. Alan Wfirst flight with Honest John on a K540 was succesful and after a bit of searching in the maize successfully returned thanks to the Jaycar tracker. His 2nd fight later in the day was not so successful. Little John on a K1103x started off looking good but it was quickly clear something was wrong when a big bang was heard and the motor casing appeared to blow through the nose one. Tony and son Jack had two successful launches, one being Jack’s scratch built (in Jack’s bathroom in London) HSW (Hall School Wimbledon) on a K700W that reached an awesome 8943 ft, the highest altitude of the day. One of the most awesome launches of the day was Darryl’s 3.2m long Mad Max on a M2000 Redline 4 sec burn, reaching 8,100 ft with maximum velocity 1073kph and perfect recovery. Tony brought along a drone with a camera mount that took some absolutely brilliant shots of the rockets in flight.