New Zealand Rocketry Suppliers

Auckland Low and High Power Rockets

Aerospace Education have been supplying New Zealand Rocketry Association members for over 20 years and are the New Zealand importer for Aerotech Rocket Engines. Aerospace run rocket building education programs for science teachers, cubs, scouts and holiday programs.

Tauranga Low Power Rockets

Auckland Low Power Rocketry Suppliers

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International Rocketry Suppliers

Australian Rocketry has hundreds of high and low power items and is the supplier to New Zealand for Cesaroni Technology (CTI) high power motors. Australian Rocketry are planning to setup a website in New Zealand with NZ dollar pricing and online payment. In the meantime you can create a sale on their Australian website and then use the contact form to request availability, freight and delivery time to New Zealand. Australian Rocketry run the Thunda Down Under rocket launch every four years which many NZRA members have attended. The next launch is 18-21 April 2019.

Low and High Power International Rocket Manufacturers

Shipping costs to New Zealand from USA and Europe are high. If the shipping costs look low they may be USA only and you will be contacted by the supplier to choose international shipping options. If the total purchase price plus freight converted to New Zealand dollars exceeds $ 400 then when your parts arrives in New Zealand you will pay GST + Customs inspection and agricultural fee. If you are buying from large manufacturers such as Public Missiles we recommend checking with Aerospace Education or Australian Rocketry as you can purchase through them at a reduced freight cost. Buying a PML 1/4 Patriot locally for example will save you up around $ 40.

High Power Rocket Kitsets are not what you would expect if you are used to building models or kitset furniture. Often they only come with the basic airframe and you have to purchase many other items to fly them. Often they come with no instructions at all. This is to keep the price down for people who already have the other parts.

Public Missiles (USA)

Public Missiles Ltd (PML) build over sixty quality kits with good instructions and many accessories such as shock cords and launch logs. All models are high power starting with F sized motors. PML have excellent instructions and lists of other items required for your build which you can view on their site. Sizes vary from 63mm (2.5") diameter rockets up to multi-stage 152mm (6") Rockets.

Public Missiles Specification Chart

Public Missiles Motor Recommendation Chart

Example PML Rockets Built by NZRA Members

PML 1/4 Patriot 4"

Facebook Group

PML 1/2 Patriot 7.5"

PML Pitbull 6"

PML Black Brant X

MadCow Rocketry (USA)

Madcow do an excellent range of high power rocket kits from 29mm diameter up 14mm. Their lower cost airframes are typically a cardboard material.

They do an excellent range of High Power fibreglass and carbon fibre rockets suitable for level 3 certification.

Frenzy XL 100mm 4"

Frenzy Massive

Epoxy Resins, Carbon Fibre and Fibreglass

You can buy 30 minute epoxy in 250gram packs costs about $ 27 from a number of suppliers including Aerospace education here but for many jobs 30min is too fast. Slow setting epoxy is thinner and penetrates better and is ultimately stronger than 30min. You can paint it on to strengthen plywood parts and inject it into fincans. One litre of slow setting epoxy is 1/3 to 1/4 of the price of the small packs. You can thinken slow setting epoxy to make perfect fillets using need colloidal silica. To strengthen fillets you can add chopped fibreglass. You can speed up epoxy by warming it which is effectively what the additives do in 30 minute epoxy.

NZ Fibreglass 1.1ltr (900ml resin & 225ml hardener) pack $50.00

West Systems Epoxy

West System Epoxy