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Paypal - Credit Card Membership Subscriptions 

NZRA is a not for profit volunteer community organisation for anyone interested in building and flying rockets. We are open to anyone interested in rocketry who wants to participate in safe, legal activities. High power memberships are paid by annual subscription (you can cancel at any  time). Low power can be paid by  a Paypal subscription or a one off credit card payment. 

Please Note when making payments.

New members, please look out for the "Return to Vendor" button on completing your payment as this takes you to the screen where you can complete your membership form and sign up to our emails and member only website access via google groups. 

Membership Types

Low Power  

Benefits include: Access to the club’s low power equipment, members only website,

Individual $ 30, (Includes one adult entry to National Launch Day)

Family $ 60 , Parents and children access to Member Launches. Includes 2 X adult entry to National Launch Day)

High power  

Adult in full time employment $ 90  

Full time student $ 65.

Upgrading Membership

To upgrade your membership cancel your Paypal subscription and sign up for the higher level.  You don't need to process a new membership form.  We will refund the un-used proportion of the cancelled subscription. 

Benefits include: Access to the club’s high power equipment, members only website.  High power membership is required for all motor designations G and above and allows you to take part in the high NZRA High Power Certification program.

Payment methods

Paypal Subscription will automatically renew in 12 months time unless you cancel via your Paypal or email at at the bottom of this page.  

Paypal one off payments are  available for low power on this page but not high power registrations.  One off payments can be made to the NZRA Kiwibank bank account# 38-9010-0164579-00 including  your member name in the reference.

"I purchased an item online that turned out to be a counterfeit and Paypal refunded my payment. If an overseas seller does not offer Paypal I avoid them" Alex 

Why we use Paypal for Subscriptions

Paypal provides a secure platform that makes memberships easy for both organisation and member. As long as you want to remain a member Paypal will automatically bill the renewal. You can cancel your membership at any time.  

Paypal is the safest way of paying for online purchases. With a Paypal account you don't need to key your credit card details into a vendor's website. Paypal protects you against fraud including refunding your payment if items prove to be counterfeit or the site is fraudulent. 

Another advantage of buying with Paypal is that you can login to your Paypal account and view your historical online purchases in one place including the item details.

High Power Membership is required to fly G-designation motors or larger. 

Low Power Membership

Low Power Subscription Membership 

Your subscription will automatically renew each year until you cancel.  Automatic renewal requires a Paypal account. Select the drop down box for family membership $  60.

Low Power Membership, One Off 

Pay by credit card or a Paypal account. Select the drop down option for family low power membership $ 50

High Power Membership

High Power Membership  

Your subscription will automatically renew each year until you cancel.  Pay by credit card with a Paypal account. Select the drop down option for full time student option $ 65.

Cancel Automatic Annual Renewal

After your initial membership payment has cleared you can cancel future automatic renewals via your Paypal account or emailing membership with this button.  If you have upgraded from Low Power to High Power please cancel your previous subscription and create a new one. We will refund any unused portion of the original subscription exceeding 30 days.