Launch Pads

Trailer Launcher

This is the NZRA's largest pad.  A tow-able, road legal trailer with four stabilizing legs,electric winch and unistrut style rail for the biggest projects

Note - this is not the standard "Unistrut" rail as used in other parts of the world. 

We can supply rail buttons on-site so long as you make provision for an M6/M8 CSK or imperial equivalent screw.  If buttons are needed in advance or you wish to fabricate your own, contact Ethan at the link below

Email Ethan about Rail Buttons

Tri Pads

There are two of these Tri-style launch pads available for use.  These are the preferred pads for most high power flights.  Each of the pads can be set up with either of the rails below, and can be swapped in a matter of seconds. The pad managers will assist if you need to change the rail.   

Tripod Pad

The tripod pad includes a range of standard launch rod sizes as which can support most mid power and the smaller high power kits, such as those from AeroTech & Public Missiles.  

Quad Pad

The ever-reliable quad pad is usually set up with a 2 meter unistrut style rail, however it also has the following available: 

"Road Sign" Rails

Created for the 1/4 Patriot drag race, but available for general flying, the NZRA also has multiple "road sign" style 1010 launch rails available.  

There are currently four of these rails available, with more planned.  They are suitable for rockets with a launch weight below 5kg. Note that the rail button screw head must be countersunk for these to work.  

These were fabricated from folding road sign bases, with 1010 rails salvaged from office partitions!  If you would like to build rails like this for your club's drag races snd want more info them contact Alex using the button below. 

Email Alex about launch Rails

Tower Launchers

The NZRA has several launch towers that can be made available if requested.  If you require a launch tower during Havoc, please contact Ethan using the link below with the size and configuration you are after (Diameter, length and 3 or 4 fin)